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Batman of the Future


Here’s my fourth Batman commission. Once again, it’s a character I know much about: Brane Taylor, the Batman from a now defunct 31st century.

I tried to change his design a bit incorporating armor-like features to his costume.

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This is the 3rd of my Batman commissions for @TravisEllisor : Batsman.

Truthfully, I don’t know much about him save for the fav that his power is to create bats from his costume. As a result, I tried to be creative with my depiction of the guy.

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Batman Beyond


I have never drawn Terry McGinnis’ Batman before but I’ve always liked the design of the character so it was fun trying to get a hold of the character. I really like the hypothetical future world that they’ve created around the character I tried to translate the feeling of that world into this image.

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The Batman!


Here’s my first of many Batman-related commissions for @TravisEllisor .

I was initially ambivalent-to-negative about the new armored Batman but I’ve got to admit that it’s starting to grow on me. At least, I can see why the costume redesign is necessary and may actually be a good thing.

I still don’t like the Nolanverse Bat-costume, though.

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I am Tyr.


A commission I just finished: Tyr the warlord, from the Legion of Super-Villains.

I’m not really a big fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes. I’ve always found it intimidating to get into with the large number of characters and its dense history. The series does have some of the most wacky and interesting characters though, Tyr being one of them.

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